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Cash Advance


ECS offers a unique opportunity to all our customers, to get access to additional funds for expansion, payroll, or working capital. The program is based on borrowing against credit card receipts, then a small fixed portion is taken from your deposit each day to repay the amount borrowed. There is no requirement of personal guarantees, long waits for the approval process and no need to provide lots of personal and business financial data.

This program was designed to help our customers manage their working capital more efficiently – and give our customers to additional funds when they need it. We understand that all businesses, from time to time, require additional working funds to seize opportunities or just to alleviate cash flow issues.

The other great part of this program, is that it is flexible and based on your sales in credit and debit cards– so, as a business, if your sales volume is down, the payback is adjusted each day according to the volume that is processed with your merchant account. This is helpful, we understand that if you are not getting paid, then it is hard to pay others.

The advance is given upon approval in one lump sum, and the funds are then immediately available to use. In most cases approvals can be done in less than 2 business days.